The Blackhouse: A Novel

Robert Reid moved his family to Kilmeray, a small isle off the coast of Scotland. He attempts to build a new life far away from a secret in his past. When Maggie MacKay is five, her mother brings her to Kilmeray because Maggie has claimed she is a man from there who has been murdered. Other than creating some rifts, nothing much came of that. Now, twenty years later, Maggie has returned to Kilmeray to discover the truth, about who she is and what happened to Robert. It all begins at The Blackhouse.

A truly gothic tale that is absolutely atmospheric. This is one of those stories where the setting itself becomes one of the characters. If you enjoy happy endings, this book isn’t for you. However, if you enjoy stories about the complicatedness of humans, you will love this book. I feel pretty horrible for everyone on the island, but especially for Will. I don’t know if there is any coming back from that if he ever found out the truth. If you want to discover all the secrets of Kilmeray, I highly recommend you read this book.