The Bears Shared

The bear’s hair is outside their lair, flying everywhere. A bird gathers the hair and uses it to make a warm, soft nest high up in a tree outside the lair the bears share. But a storm comes and the wind howls and blows, battering the warm nest. Rain pours down and the wind blows harder until the branch holding the warm nest cracks and breaks, sending the nest and all the birds swirling down. They all land in a bouncy bush and then slide down the muddy hill right into the bear’s lair, the one with smelly bear hair. Oh, no, not the bear’s lair! What will happen now?

Author Kim Norman has written a delightful rendering of the old poem This is the House that Jack Built with a fresh, new take. Her rhyme and meter are perfect, and the retelling is fun and entertaining. Young listeners will love this wonderful read-aloud, and those who read to them will not mind when it is asked for over and over. The enchanting illustrations by David Walker will keep young listeners fully engaged with the book. This is a sweet book that will be a fast favorite.