Part 2: Interview with Ellenmorris Tiegerman, Author of Past Lives Denied

Professor Caitlyn Morrys, a passionate and vocal educator at a small college, finds herself at the heart of a fierce debate over academic freedom and teacher tenure. The situation takes a deadly turn when the college President, who is Caitlyn’s primary adversary, is discovered stabbed to death in his office. Acting Chief Inspector Cormac Robertson, who strongly believes in the power of past life regression, decides that the key to solving the murder lies in uncovering Caitlyn’s past lives through hypnosis. While under hypnosis, Caitlyn reveals numerous details from her previous lives, offering insights into historical connections and motives for the crime.This information enables the detective to identify the main suspect, who he realizes is on their way to attack Caitlyn again, seeking revenge for a betrayal from their past lives.

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“Those not familiar with the inner workings of higher education may be shocked at the complexity and hellishness of various committees, faculty hierarchies and the pressure to publish. Tiegerman devotes substantial real estate to these topics, laying groundwork in the process for the motive of the killer or killers. Caitlyn’s passion and idealism is also a doorway into putting her character into potential danger as well.”

– Mishka Rao, Best Thrillers

“The book brims with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It also highlights the unpleasant reality of the divergence of opinions on political views on university campuses, which can lead to tension between professors and students.”

– Amanda Hanson, The US Review of Books


  • How did you develop the main characters in your story?

The main character, Caitlyn Morrys, is a projection and reflection of myself as a Professor at a local university.  The other characters also represent people that I know and that I have worked with over the years.  I think using your own personal experiences help to enrich the characters that you create in your novel.  

  • How do the secondary characters contribute to the development of the plot?

The secondary characters help to contrast Caitlyn’s personality and mission.  They challenge her and argue with her and push her to achieve more and in the process help her question herself about her own beliefs.  In life, it is important to keep evolving and expanding our horizons, which is exactly what I wanted for Caitlyn to achieve personally.  The story highlights how Caitlyn goes through a transformation process to solve a murder, which I believe is worthy of discussion.  What can we discover in our past lives that can help us positively change this one?

  • How do you ensure that each character has a distinct voice and personality?

I outline each character in detail to ensure that each one has a distinct voice and personality. The fact that I know almost all of these people in real life ensures that each character is formally and functionally distinguishable throughout the storyline.

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