Karen Wasylowski Questions for Cordelia Lee

1. Which books/authors inspired your work?

Over the years since I was a teenager, I have been reading real life people’s stories, whether in books or Readers’ Digest. It was with a motivation to inspire myself, and motivate me to overcome my challenges. Off-hand, I could not remember their titles. However, I always remember their impact on me until today – to be resilient, to be patient, to believe all will eventually end up well despite the many obstacles of life. I am grateful for these human stories who shaped me to be who I am today.

2. What’s one (3, 5) thing(s) that you learned while writing your book?

Rewriting, rewriting and rewriting! No matter how many drafts I have written, I will find there are always ways to improvement after constant rewriting. Especially to be patient in reflecting what I am trying to say in my writing to others. We cannot be writing for ourselves. The book is meant for readers, which I realize not all may be agreeable to the style. To be accepting of criticism with the aim of self-improvement.

3. After this book, are you writing anything new? Where are you in the process?

I am preoccupied taking care of my young toddler son. When I have free time, I am involved in activities that brings comfort, love and companionship. I am not writing any book now. It is more of song lyrics, blogging and poetry.

4. Describe your writing routine. Do you outline? Edit as you go?

Write as I go. Feel as I go. Edit as I go.

5. What do you do when you’re not writing?

Take of my young toddler son. I write poetry, I sing, I make dolls for others (for sickly children in the hospital, fundraising events and more), I meditate, I practice Qigong. I pray. Spend quality time with my family.

6. How do you combat/cure writer’s block?

Take a step back, do other activities. Before I know it, I am more relaxed enough to return to writing once more. Meditation is a good way to get myself unstuck. In fact, it has liberated my creativity to greater bounds and leaps. I have become more creative in different styles of writing and expression.

7. What advice would you give an aspiring writer who doesn’t know where to start?

Join writing workshops. Meet other writing peers. Join writing support group.

8. What was the most challenging thing about writing your book?

Myself. When I have self doubts in my writing. When I fear judgment from others based upon my life experiences. Eventually I come to an acceptance that not everyone would like my expression. Not everyone would accept my life experiences. Not everyone would like me. That freed me to write further.

9. Are you part of any writer’s groups or guilds? Which one(s)?

Yes, I am a part of a few writers’ groups. They are Malaysian Writers Society, Writers helping writers and Memoir writing group. These are in Facebook.

10. Do you have a social media presence? Where can people find you online?

a) Facebook under Cordelia Lee.
b) Instagram under cordy.lee
c) A blog attached to homemaker.net ( a platform for women empowerment)
d) Youtube channel by Cordelia & Ket (cordyket)

11. Talk about your main character. What are they like and what inspired their personality?

My book is a memoir. I am the protagonist.

12. How does your main character change throughout the story?

It is an awakening of self throughout the journey of exploration in mind, heart, body, spirit and soul.

13. If you weren’t an author, where do you think you’d be? What would you be doing?

To be an author is a childhood dream of mine. It will happen eventually. I did not expect my first book would be a memoir.

If events did not happen as they did, which I revealed in the book, I’d probably be a writer of a different genre. Perhaps in the movie industry and still very much into poetry. As it is, I’m a meditation teacher and energy healer, who managed to take time out to author my memoir.

14. What is the most satisfying thing about being an author?

When I receive feedback that it changed their lives for the better. Inspired them to do more with their lives.

15. How do you think your book (F)/story (NF) can help people? What do you hope people will take away/learn from your book?

I hope by my book people shall know there will always be second chances in life especially so long they do not quit on themselves.

16. What made you choose the time/place in which your book was set?

I base upon my life events and moments which I wish to capture in my book.

17. What is/are reviewers/family/friends/other authors saying about your book?

Most of them like my book. There are those who told me they find my book inspiring and motivational. Some told me they could relate with my life experiences. Some felt I have given them hope, faith and more. There are a few who expressed dislike to my writing style. There are those who find my story too incredible to believe yet they try to be open-minded with my book.

18. What type of person do you think would most enjoy your book?

A reader into supernatural, onto a spiritual journey, who seeks inspiration and motivation to change their lives. A person who is seeking for hope in their lives.

19. How do you organize your book collection, if at all?

Organise by theme and topic.

20. If you could invite your favorite fictional hero/heroine over to your house for dinner, who would it be and what would you talk about?

It would be Indiana Jones. I would ask about his next archaeological adventure and whether I can one day join him.

21. What’s the best book, other than yours, that no one has ever heard of?

I remember there was a book titled Honey. I could not remember the author’s name. It is about a teenage girl named Honey. She had an alcoholic mother and her dad left the family when Honey was a young child. As a result, she had to take care of her mother who is stuck in her own past and unhappiness. Honey made friends who gave her the love which she could not get from her family. She was seeking love from various sources. However, Honey always have this guilt of wanting to stay away from her mother and seek motherly love elsewhere. Eventually a university student who worked as a maid with a wealthy family made Honey feel less guilty in seeking other love besides from her own mother. That the accumulated love and care she received from each individual including from the maid made up one good pie of Love.

22. What’s a book you own that people would be most surprised to see on your shelf?

My first books by Enid Blyton. The enchanted forest. The wishing chair. They are over 30 years old. These are the books which inspired me to be an author.

23. Which author, living or dead, would you most like to meet? What would you hope to learn from them?

Enid Blyton would be one author I would like to meet. To find out how she gets his inspiration and ideas of her stories.